The formation of Abhivyakti Foundation was visualized in 2000 by Mr. Shailender Kumar Singh, founer member and General Secretary of the organization. He was influenced by his father Mr. Bajrang Singh who was known Gandhian activist and actively involved in development sectors for last more than four decades. The organization started their social development initiative through publishing social magazine namely SRIJAN besides running the educational programme in slum areas namely Holambi Kala of north Delhi through raising donations. Subsequently, the organization has made their regular efforts to identify options and opportunities for expanding the development initiatives. these efforts resulted in success when we received first educational support from ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India under SARVA SHIKSHAN ABHIYAN programme in Palwal district of Haryana state in 2004. Following the 2004, the organization was gradually expanding both in terms of programmes and operational areas. Currently we are actively involved in Health & Sanitation, Education, Women & Child Development, Livelihood, Skill Development programme and Research & Development programme with special focus on women and child. Under the various activities have been conducted in four states namely Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab of northern India. The past one and half decade of development sector experiences has strenghtened us in order to have effective results in improving the living conditions of poor and backward community of both rural and urban areas of northern India
Establish participatory, Gender Justice, Self-Reliance and Community Participation.
Abhivyakti Foundation aims to organize women and weaker sections of society for social change through participatory approach. Abhivyakti Foundation is committed to educational development, Poverty Elimination, Ecological Balance, growth of self-reliance among people and empowerment of rural and urban community.
Board Members
S.No. Name Qualification Occupation Designation Age (Years) Experience With Abhivyakti Foundation (Years)
1. Sh. Raj Narayan Yadav Master of Art Social Work President 41 16
2. Smt. Sarita Devi Bachelor of Art Social Work Vice-President 43 16
3. Sh. Shailendra Kumar Singh Master of Art Social Work Gen. Secretary 42 16
4. Mrs. Saraswati Nayak Bachelor of Art Social Work Secretary 44 16
5. Sh. Ashok Panday Bachelor of Commerce/td> Business Treasurer 50 16
Organizational Structure
The Department of Abhiyavkti has a chief secretary, senior specialists, eight Divisions Health & Hygiene Education, Child Development, Women Development, Skill Development, Research & Documentation, Other initiative-Night Shelter programme & life Insurance, Social Work.
Our Team
During the one and half decade of working in development sector, we were quite successful to develop a team of qualified, experienced and energetic team. As year passes, the numbers of team member increases which further strengthen the organization's human resource. In the past, we were quite successful to create conducive environment for our team members who help us to retain the team for long years. We feel proud that good numbers of our team members are associated with the organization since inception of organization. In addition, we were successful to have balancing the team from gender perspective. Currently, the organization is having total team of 105, out of which 67 male and 38 female. The programme wise details and distribution of organization team is delineated in following table


We have professionals from the field of education, health and women development and at least six years of experience. It consists of 52 qualified and experienced professionals apart from the resource team. We follow the secular and pro-gender policy as we have almost 26/21 ratio of male and female and in addition we have one transgender in our team irrespective of religion, caste and creed.


We have a group of five members of experts from the field of economics, social activism, educationist, development and legal


Under the same, we have five members with the background of accounts and office management.

Team Member
S.No. Programme No. of Team Member Male Female
1. Health & Hygiene 56 40 16
2. Education 1 1 --
3. Child Development 13 6 7
4. Women Development 9 2 7
5. Skill Development 5 4 1
6. Livelihood 9 4 5
7. Research & Documentation 2 1 1
8. Other initiative-Night Shelter programme & life Insurance 5 5 --
9. Administration 5 4 1
Total 105 67 38
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