The targeted intervention programme is oriented programmes with focus on special focus on special groups namely IDUs, FSW, MSM and transgender community. The programme is supported by National AIDS Control Organization, Govt. of India through active involvement of State AIDS Control Society of the respective state. The targeted intervention programme has been executed in four states namely Punjab, Haryana, U.P. and Delhi. During the implementation of targeted intervention programme, our team has identified core issues. These are

  1. Future life security of target community and their family especially from the point of view health.
  2. Scope of option and opportunities of livelihood generation.
  3. Enabled environment for advocating their human and legal rights.
  4. Creation of stigma free environment at the family and society level.
  5. Healthy support from the govt. administration especially police
Adolescent Health
Adolescents – young people between the ages of 10 and 19 years – are often thought of as a healthy group. Nevertheless, many adolescents do die prematurely due to accidents, suicide, violence, pregnancy related complications and other illnesses that are either preventable or treatable. Many more suffer chronic ill-health and disability. In addition, many serious diseases in adulthood have their roots in adolescence. For example, tobacco use, sexually transmitted infections including HIV, poor eating and exercise habits, lead to illness or premature death later in life.Improving Adolescent Health is an emerging area for India to invest in. Abhivyakti, with its mandate of focusing on the first two decades of life, has been actively supporting the Indian government at national and state level in developing platforms for adolescent-friendly health services.
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