Abhivyakti Foundation

Farmers Producer Organisation (FPO)

Help in establishing the collaboration.

Building a sustainable community system which is a producer and market driven organisation is indeed highly knowledge intensive and resource intensive. Collaborating with experts who can think out of the box for sustainable solutions can be the way forward. The startup hub should create such a platform for the PCs to work with the local (district or state) level academic, social work, agriculture and management institutions.

Market Knowledge

The market practices of farmers and the system established by the government is not converging anywhere. The government infrastructures and practices are fit to larger farmers and the small and marginal farmers largely depend on the agents and brokers due to low quantity of products. There is a need for collectivisation of products and the understanding on the market for the small producers. Along with this, consumer need and demand has to be understood by the farmers for deciding their crop and quality of production. Hence, thorough knowledge on the customer food safety, environmental protection and the market should be developed and integrated as the component of the production.