Abhivyakti Foundation


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Development is a central imperative in today’s globalized world. But achieving sustainable all-round development for society requires certain fundamental pillars in place. Education is one such pillar without which any future growth is inconceivable.

To imagine growth with large parts of the country bounded in illiteracy is just impossible. More so, in today’s information based society, where education is the key to a whole world of opportunities. Not only that, a whole host of issues in fields of healthcare, economic opportunity, women empowerment and community building can be traced to a lack of proper education.

Gender disparities in education persist. Far more girls than boys fail to complete primary school. Even the minimal infrastructure -- such as proper rooms, desks, drinking water facility, toilets -- is missing in a large number of schools across the country.

Therefore, the Abhiyvakti stresses on primary and secondary level to improve education as it prepares ground for higher education. Thanks to our supporters and well wishers for helping the HWF implement wide-ranging educational projects.

The foundation is working on various initiatives and projects for the development of education system to uplift the marginalized sections of India.