Abhivyakti Foundation

Hepatitis Project

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Hepatitis Project

Abhivyakti Foundation & MAMTA- Health institute for Mother and child has initiated work in the field of hepatitis with the goal to reduce the transmission of viral hepatitis B and C and to improve care of the patients through prevention and early management of the disease based on the focused intervention strategies. Viral hepatitis caused by infection with hepatitis B virus (HBV), and hepatitis C virus (HCV) is a major public health problem. There is high prevalence of HCV infection in Punjab and to address this problem Abhivyakti Foundation with collaboration of MAMTA- Health Institute of Mother and Child is implementing Project “Prevention and Early Management of Viral Hepatitis B and C in IDU’s Community”

Major Activity of the Project

  • Identification and listing of influential policy makers, health professionals and community leaders.
  • Mapping and listing of community level beneficiaries (like IDUs and their partners/sexual partners, pregnant women and new born, PLHIV and their sexual partners) for formation of SHPG.
  • Advocacy meetings with policy makers/decision makers and program managers and other stakeholders for public sector scaling.
  • Identification of high-risk adult men and women for HBV and HCV through risk assessment.
  • Risk Assessment and Screening of HBV/HCV.
  • Formation of Self-Help Peer Groups (pregnant women and Lactating; IDU, sexual partners).
  • Orientation/Sensitization and mentoring of healthcare professionals (including doctors, nurse, lab technician and frontline functionaries).
  • Follow Up Meeting with health care providers/Health work force at CHC,PHC, Sub centres.
  • Mapping of insurance/other support agencies within the project districts.
  • Organizing motivation sessions and infotainment activities to empower SHPG for prevention and management of HBV/HCV; and Follow-up sessions of all newly diagnosed individuals for treatment adherence-this will be done by ORW.
  • Tracking linkages of patients with Insurance schemes or other similar government initiatives.